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The AquaLOCK® System –
See How Secure It Is

Better Break-In Protection
for Your Building – On Access
Doors up to RC3
Building protection with the AquaLOCK system Building protection with the AquaLOCK system

Did you know that a property is burgled every four minutes in Germany, and that the majority of burglars are equipped with just a screwdriver and give up straight away if an access door or garage door doesn’t open in a few seconds?

For this reason, the AquaLOCK® System is exactly the right solution if you want more security for your building in addition to protection against flooding. The special sealing system, the extremely stable workmanship, and not least the high-quality materials ensure that opportunistic burglars don’t stand a chance.

The Advantages of Break-In Protection with the AquaLOCK® Garage Door:

The Advantages of Break-In Protection with the AquaLOCK® Access Door:

Break-in protection with AquaLOCK doors

Break-in protection compliant with the most important resistance classes

The break-in standard EN 1627 defines six different resistance classes – from RC1 to RC6 (RC = “resistance class”) for doors, windows, and roller shutters. Classes RC1 to RC4 are used in the private and standard commercial sector.

The following principle is crucial for your decision:
The higher the class, the more difficult it is for would-be burglars to enter your building.

Experience gathered by the police shows that most would-be burglars abandon their attempts if they have to spend more than 30 to 60 seconds trying to get in. We therefore recommend RC3, since even with the right tool, a burglar would not be able to overcome your AquaLOCK® Door within five minutes.

Resistance classes for break-in protection