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Quality and Innovation
Pay Dividends for Our
Customers – and Have Been
Doing so for Over 30 Years
Headquarters of AquaLOCK / TBS Headquarters of AquaLOCK / TBS

For 30 years, TBS has been synonymous with innovation and quality at an affordable price when it comes to garage doors and access doors. Originally founded as “Torbau Schwaben”, TBS today combines the Swabian spirit of innovation with craftsman perfection to create products that bring joy and security to our customers for many years.

Based on our pledge to always supply the best solution for our customers’ needs, we began a few years ago to develop a highly effective protection system against heavy rain and flooding.

The result is the flood-resistant* AquaLOCK® System, which allows garage doors and access doors on your building to keep up to 99.9% of penetrating water at bay.