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Double Security
for Your Building

AquaLOCK® Garage Door and AquaLOCK® Access Door
Against Flooding and Burglary
Building protection with the AquaLOCK system Building protection with the AquaLOCK system
New at AquaLOCK: Gates up to 5m width
Flood protection with garage doors from AquaLOCK

AquaLOCK® Garage Door: Protect Your Garage Against Flooding

With the AquaLOCK® System, TBS has created a completely new standard of quality when it comes to protection against flooding and heavy rain. Since it was launched onto the market in 2016, numerous homeowners have been able to breathe more easily, as over 99 % of the water that reaches them in the event of heavy rainfall now stays outside the building!

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Flood protection with access doors from AquaLOCK

AquaLOCK® Access Door: Protect Your Home Against Heavy Rain

Whether garage side doors, cellar doors or side doors on the house: AquaLOCK® Protects your building against severe floods with its certified sealing system. The water-protection doors also meet the most exacting aesthetic requirements and can be made to fit your garage door opening perfectly.

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Break-in protection with doors from AquaLOCK

AquaLOCK® System: Don’t Give Burglars a Chance

The second advantage of the AquaLOCK® System is its additional defense function against burglars. With their stable and smart design, the doors offer excellent protection against break-ins, i.e. in most classic burglary situations, the AquaLOCK® System is unbeatable.

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The AquaLOCK garage door can withstand flood water

Your Garage Stays Dry – See For Yourself

What happens if over 6,000 liters of water are backed up half a meter high outside a garage door? Nothing – provided you have an AquaLOCK® Garage Door ...

THE AquaLOCK® Access Door is flood resistant* – up to a water level of 3 meters

Especially with cellar doors, it is not unusual for the entire outside area to be full of water. Not a problem for an AquaLOCK® Access Door ...